mainska myvali kocka O-Shark-A Nelly Ness

O-Shark-A Nelly Ness*CZ (f 09 22)

mainska myvali kocka Winerau Queen of Hearts

Winerau Queen of Hearts (d)

mainska myvali kocka Genevieve Nelly Ness

Genevieve Nelly Ness*CZ (f 22)

mainska myvali kocka Lavender Layla Nelly Ness

Lavender Layla Nelly Ness*CZ (gs 22)

Independent Flower Nelly Ness*CZ (n 02 22)

La Rein Imagine Glamour*CZ (g 03 23)

Neuter females

GIC Berenike Ashabelle*PL (ns 22)

mainska myvali kocka Devotion Dream Nelly Ness

Devotion Dream Nelly Ness*CZ (n 09 22)

IC D*Peppermountz Prada (n)

Belle Beatrix Nelly Ness*CZ (fs)

Nelly Ness*CZ is Fifes member. All our cats are tested for HCM, Felv and FIV with negative results.
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