Genevieve Nelly Ness*CZ

MCO f 22

Genevieve je n poklad a moc dkujeme Angele a Gerhardovi z Big Giants za kryt Dooleym. 

Genevieve is our miracle and many thanks are for Angela and Gerhard for mating with Dooley. 

Test Mating, Inbreeding = 0,0%
CH BRubbeys Dooley, MCO d 22, 2008-11-12, DE/DE Rasputin of Yellow Moon, MCO es 22, 2006-01-22, DE/- IC Super-Star Jacky Lee of Yellow Moon, MCO es 22, 2004-05-24, DE/DE EC-DGC Quentino of Magic Lake, MCO ds 09 22, 2003-02-18, DE/DE
GIC Super-Star Leoni, MCO fs 22, 2001-04-19, DE/DE
Emely vom Nailagrund, MCO g 09 22, 2004-11-03, DE/DE King of Lion D-Merlin, MCO ds 22
Nina Paulina of Diamond Hill, MCO as 09 22, DE/DE
CoonEmotions Felidae, MCO f, 2007-03-24, DE/DE GIC Aramis de Maison-Madelis, MCO e 22, 2005-06-15, DE/- CH SSL Blue Bubble Gum, MCO a 22, 2004-01-17, DE/DE
Bellacoon Delice, MCO d, DE/DE
CH CoonEmotions Aime, MCO n, 2005-08-26, DE/DE Jeggelland Cats Whesley, MCO ns 22, 2004-04-12, DE/DE
Classic Cats Samantha, MCO n 22, 2004-04-15, DE/DE
Devotion Dream Nelly Ness, MCO n 09 22, 2011-07-17 Alastor of Grand Royal, MCO n 03 22, 2010-01-22, CZ/CZ JW SC Orion Sun Maine Treasures, MCO ns 09 22 EC-JW Chamberlain Zillion Sunrays, MCO ds 09 22, 2004-03-16, FI/CZ
EC Moulin'Crecy Urania, MCO n 22, 2003-07-14, FR/CZ
De Luxe Joy by Imagine Glamour, MCO n 09 22 Table Dancer of Black Youcon, MCO n 23, CZ/CZ
JW IC Aksamit Blacklady by Imagine Glamour, MCO n 09 22, CZ/-
Berenike Ashabelle, MCO ns 22, 2008-08-02, PL/CZ GIC Summerplace Washington, MCO ns 22 Q's Blue Bear of Magic Love, MCO as, 2006-08-22, DE/DE
Summerplace Panthera, MCO ns 22, 2006-04-10
IC Nice Surprice Aspenville, MCO n 22, PL/- Pillowtalk Nando, MCO n 22, 2005-05-27, DE/PL
Belmicoon And Only One, MCO n 22











Nelly Ness*CZ is Fifes member. All our cats are tested for HCM, Felv and FIV with negative results.
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