Devotion Dream Nelly Ness*CZ

MCO n 09 22

Devotion je náš jedinečný odchov po Berenice a Alastorovi ... takové jako ona není možno prodat.

Devotion Dream is our unique offspring our lovely Berenike and Alastor ... girls like her is not possible sell.



Test Mating, Complete inbreeding = 15,1%
Alastor of Grand Royal, MCO n 03 22, 2010-01-22, CZ/CZ JW SC Orion Sun Maine Treasures, MCO ns 09 22 EC-JW Chamberlain Zillion Sunrays, MCO ds 09 22, 2004-03-16, FI/CZ Chamberlain Public Enemy, MCO ns 09 22, 2001-12-25, FI/FI
CH Chamberlain Something Wild, MCO g, 2002-10-24, FI/FI
EC Moulin'Crecy Urania, MCO n 22, 2003-07-14, FR/CZ Moulin'Crecy Teddy Bear, MCO n 22, FR/FR
Maine d'Acadia Swallow of Moulin'Crecy, MCO n 09 22, 2001-02-02, -/FR
De Luxe Joy Imagine Glamour, MCO n 09 22 Table Dancer of Black Youcon, MCO n 23, CZ/CZ Halloween of Black Youcon Cats, MCO n
Kissy of Koi Pond, MCO n 23, 2003-06-25, DE/DE 
JW IC Aksamit Blacklady by Imagine Glamour, MCO n 09 22, CZ/- Woodwalkers Venture Velliers, MCO n 22, 2005-04-20, DE/CZ
Elysian Bay Maine Treasures, MCO n 09 22, CZ/-
Berenike Ashabelle, MCO ns 22, 2008-08-02, PL/CZ GIC Summerplace Washington, MCO ns 22 Q's Blue Bear of Magic Love, MCO as, 2006-08-22, DE/DE Eyck from Glowing Eyes, MCO ns, 2005-09-13, -/DE 
Mountaineer Pink'n Ink, MCO gs, 2002-10-14, DK/DE 
Summerplace Panthera, MCO ns 22, 2006-04-10 Top Coon Caruso, MCO ns 22, 2005-04-30, PL/AT
Champagnes Beuty, MCO n 22
IC Nice Surprice Aspenville, MCO n 22, PL/- Pillowtalk Nando, MCO n 22, 2005-05-27, DE/PL Rushcutter Brave Heart, MCO n 22, 2003-11-25, DK/DE
Eldon Afrotit, MCO n 22, 2004-02-18, NO/DE
Belmicoon And Only One, MCO n 22 Timaracoon Arlington, MCO n 22, NL/PL
Langstteich R'Dessert-Rose, MCO f 22, 2003-03-10, DE/PL



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